APT at Home

Apt At Home

Ticket Prices: $32 for Single Viewer | $44 for Two Viewers | $52 for 3+ Viewers. 

Play from the comfort of home! APT is offering an option to watch the plays virtually this season as an alternative (or addition) to coming to see us in Spring Green. Unlike the Zoom readings of this past season, these are fully produced recordings of fully staged plays; as close as you can get to watching in the theater. On the other hand, seeing the actors work their magic on screen brings a new degree of intimacy to their performances, allowing you to hear every word, and experience every minuscule change of expression in ways that aren’t possible even in the Touchstone. So spread your picnic blanket in the living room, pour a beverage of choice and prepare for a new kind of APT experience.

The Details
APT at Home plays will open 7 - 10 days after the first in‑person performance, and close when the live version closes. Your one‑time admission is viewable any time during that window. Simply buy a ticket, click the link we send and click the Watch Now button. 

To buy tickets for APT at Home digital plays, scroll to the bottom of the Tickets page.